Wedding Services


Wedding Services

The unique music you choose for your wedding should help you create a perfect setting for your ceremony. Your tastes may be traditional, classical or contemporary. Together music can be chosen from a wide range of selections which will reflect your style and enhance and beautify your wedding.

Weddings leave us with a lifetime of memories. Carefully chosen and professionally executed music will make the memories of your wedding ceremony special!

Planning Music for Your Ceremony

When you contact me, we can arrange a time and place to sit down and determine your musical needs. This is a good opportunity to discuss preludes, processionals, recessionals, etc. Once your songs are selected, I will meet with you next at your wedding rehersal. Then, it's on to your wedding day, when you can enjoy the music and service.

Wedding Music Plus

You may wish to have additional musicians involved in your wedding. Should you have a special friend or relative who competently sings or plays an instrument, I will be more than happy to accompany them.

If you would like a singer or instrumentalist and need a reference for securing one, I would be happy to assist with names and phone numbers of competent professionals.